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January 23 deadline causing headaches for provisional taxpayers

The recent announcement that the deadline for provisional taxpayers has been brought forward to 23 January 2023 is causing confusion. “Some provisional taxpayers have mistaken this to mean that their second provisional tax submission is due sooner this year, but this is incorrect,” says Nicolas Botha, Tax Team Compliance & Processing Manager at Tax Consulting […]

The Information That Can Keep A Deceased Estate Frozen

As if the distress of losing a loved one was not enough, the process of winding up their estate immediately following their death can prove overwhelming to a grieving family. But if they cannot promptly produce the legally required information, that critical source of funds may remain frozen much longer than necessary.

What Is Provisional Tax And When Do I Qualify For It?

During 2021, many South Africans were forced to start their own businesses to put food on the table, while others changed from traditional employees to contracted remote workers. Whether they retained a reduced salary or wholly embraced the responsibility of being an entrepreneur, it is important for these individuals to understand how the South African […]