As an executor of a deceased estate you are required to have advanced knowledge about a vast spectrum of aspects relating to the estate.  Keeping up with the changes in income tax legislation can be very cumbersome. At Africorp Accounting we aim to relieve this pressure by taking over the income tax portion of the estate.

Our focus is to save the executor the time and effort to complete the SARS update of the estate details.  This entails a process where all documentation must be presented to the SARS officials in person.  The executor provides our tax practitioners with a power of attorney to conduct this process on his or her behalf.

We enquire about the current tax status of the deceased and assist the executor in bringing all outstanding tax returns up to date. Where required, we register the deceased estate as a separate tax entity, to declare all taxable post-death income.

As a final service, we apply for the letter of compliance from SARS which the executor requires to prove to the Master that all tax affairs are in order.

Our team is actively engaged in estates handling for a number of corporate enterprises, banks and attorneys.

The Process:

  • Request all the information required.
  • Prepare SARS registration documents.
  • Update the Deceased Estates details at SARS (bank account and address).
  • Prepare tax calculations and submit all returns up to date.
  • Request finalisation letter.
  • Engaging with SARS for the update of estate information.
  • Transfer of deceased filing profile for SARS update.
  • Carrying out complex computations and tax calculations for the purpose of tax returns/submissions on e-filing.
  • Our relationship with George SARS is impeccable meaning increased effectiveness and efficiency.

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